Exploratory drilling

Recognize and utilize potentialities

Exploratory drillings are the admission ticket to untapped natural resources. Whether groundwater aquifers or mineral resources - they unfailingly provide advance information on the geological conditions.

Demand for mineral resources, pollutant burdens and contamination together with an increased global water requirement demand exact advance analysis of sectors to be exploited. Construction site surveys are also increasingly gaining importance.

Massive logistical and technical challenges across the globe are a hallmark of our exploratory drilling and not just for research and test purposes. We possess the necessary equipment and the experience for a successful execution regardless of the selected process and geological situation.

As far as the drilling diameter for the desired information is concerned, anything is possible whether starting with a 63 mm core or a designation in classic cased dry-drilling process of 419 mm - always matched to the requirements of our customer. For deep exploratory drilling the airlift drilling process with indirect jet guarantees an extremely precise designation of the core sample. Specialists are therefore increasingly resorting to the use of this drilling process. The classic direct jet process continues to be one of the stock processes - depending on specific requirements.