Environmental engineering

Detect contaminated sites - protect the future

Contamination by abandoned hazardous waste of the most different types in the earth increasingly raises problems of a self-created nature for mankind.

Whether the exploitation of water and raw material reserves or land for agricultural or construction industry use - if pollution is detected too late or not at all, the project often fails from an economic and ecological point of view.

The danger of contaminated earth seldom lurks immediately below the surface. Through non-detection there is often a risk that former surface contamination is carried into deeper layers of earth or even into the groundwater. The timely identification and decontamination of polluted earth provides a significant contribution to increased security and economic viability as well as a healthy environment for future generations.

By taking a leading role in the development of so-called "Percussive drilling with overflush“ celler brunnenbau gmbh is able to provide - where possible - an alternative drilling process for the economic investigation of contaminated underground which protects both man and machine.

Landfill degasification – a safe way to a clean environment.

In view of world population growth and the resulting increase in refuse, it is no longer possible to imagine a world without landfill sites. Through introduction of waste separation and the continuous development of preparation of modern landfills, the risk of contaminants being carried into the underground has been minimized. The danger is from older and in some cases leaky landfill sites.

With the use of proficient drilling technology, celler brunnenbau gmbh makes its contribution to a clean future. Degasification wells can be safely and cost-efficiently constructed by dry-process drilling up to a diameter of 1200 mm. Hence hidden fire and explosion hazards, which frequently arise during extraction of certain materials, can be averted and gaseous emissions from the depths of the sites in the vicinity can be bled off through degasification wells, cleansed and to some extent used as an energy source (for example methane gas).

Personnel deployed by celler brunnenbau gmbh are under constant occupational health supervision and are furnished with special personal industrial safety equipment extending to full protection with particulate filter masks. The pollutant levels occurring in the working area are continuously monitored and recorded. The cabins of the drilling rigs used are fitted with protective filters and excess pressure units.