About Us

CB-GmbH is a company of the celler brunnenbau-Gruppe (Celle well construction group of companies). Itoperates around the world out of the traditional centre of German drilling technology in Lower Saxony. The company established in 1975 is still managed by founder Wilfried Wietfeldt and his son Dirk Wietfeldt. Hence the good reputation and excellent know-how combined with a no-nonsense approach are safe. You can find more information on celler brunnenbau holding gmbh at: www.celler-brunnenbau-holding.com

On 01 March 1975 Wilfried Wietfeldt founded celler brunnenbau gmbh. The first official seat of the company was at Fischerstrasse 4 in Celle.

The choice of name for the company was not as easy as founder master well builder Wilfried Wietfeldt and his partner Bodo Bieberneit had imagined because the representatives of the chamber of commerce considered it problematic to assign to a service company still in the process of being founded the name of the city in which it is to be founded.

The steadfastness and perseverance of the company founders was rewarded and thus the first orders for seismic drilling, exploratory drilling with geophysical surveying as well as the construction of groundwater observation wells, process and drinking water wells were able to be accepted and completed under the celler brunnenbau gmbh name.

The straightforward way of working of Wilfried Wietfeldt and Bodo Bieberneit as well as the willingness of the first employees to be available "night and day" for the young company formed the foundation of the high repute of celler brunnenbau.

Moreover, the skill of the employees is also a guarantee that all drilling has been and will be executed with outstanding quality.

After only a short time, the space which the premises in the Fischerstrasse provided was too small for the expanding company and thus the management relocated the company to the Triftweg in Wathlingen.

At first activities in international markets were concentrated on the implementation of geophysical investigations and seismic drilling and focussed on Turkey. Whenever sophisticated drilling operations were or are called for, celler brunnenbau was and is a reliable partner. If projects were or are too large for a company due to e.g. pressures of tight deadlines dictating an extremely short construction period, celler brunnenbau gmbh has always been a predictable consortium partner and continues to be so to this day.

The company has earned exceptional recognition in the field of "Investigative drilling" of contaminated sites. For the investigation of highly toxic contaminated sites drilling and sampling processes were modified, drilling rigs and components developed and in particular occupational safety measures improved.

By the second half of the 1980s, a new expansion of operations, which was not possible at Wathlingen, had become necessary , and the proprietors "succumbed" to the proposal of the City of Celle to locate the new factory in Bruchkampweg on a new industrial estate at Celle.

This took place during the years of 1987 and 1988. Ever since 1988, celler brunnenbau gmbh has been operating from the new location and, as the biggest company in Celle, is living up to its name as well.

With a continually expanding drilling capability, core drillings of up to 1200 m depth have been successfully completed.

In order to consolidate the extremely positive company development subsidiaries and branch offices were established in various regions of Germany during the years that followed (group of companies).

Since in the meantime the demand for well drilling was declining in Germany, it was decided at the end of the nineties to expand activities in international markets. This decision was also taken in the interest of maintaining jobs in Germany. The focus of activities lies in African countries as well as the Near, Middle and Far East.