Fire wells

A fire well is an artificially constructed withdrawal point from which water is tapped from a well specifically for the purpose of fire-fighting. Depending on the water table, this can be utilized in suction or pressure operation.

If after completion of the well the calculated lowering of the water table is not deeper than 7.60 m, the well can be utilized in suction operation. Should the water table sink below this value the well must be equipped with a borehole pump since otherwise the maximum geodetic suction head will be exceeded.

The borehole pump ensures that the low-lying water table is artificially raised so that suction pumps of the fire service are easily able to draw in the water.

The extraction specifications are regulated by the DIN 14220 standard. Whether small with 400-800 l/min, medium with 800-1.600 l/min or large with more than 1,600 l/min, celler brunnenbau gmbh has the know-how and the right equipment to meet the requirements.