Well renovation

A renovation is the improvement or rather the renewal of a well by means of structural measures. When doing so the original location is retained. Existing facilities such as well shaft, water pipes, the inner protection zone as well as power and control lines can usually be reused.

If the stability of the pipework isimperiled, leaks in the well sealing occur, undesirable water intake reduces the water quality or the ageing process of the well has reached a point where regeneration is no longer economical, renovation is necessary.

By means of renovation measures such as washing over, resealing and insertion casing, many of these problems can be rectified. In this regard early and close cooperation together with a comprehensive well survey are the key to success.

Whichever renovation process is used depends upon the survey and documentation of the object to be renovated.

Through the use of modern technology, state-of-the-art well renovation provides additional remedial measures according to the DVGW regulations W135.

Today, modern remedial measures are:

  • Perforation of casing

  • Horizontal cutting off of the lining device

  • Depth adapted sealing of water inflows

  • Groundwater storey separation using liners

  • Washover of linings or sealed continuous casing

  • Extraction of original filter gravel

  • Re-casing the borehole with modern lining materials

  • Renovation or modernization of well enclosures