Groundwater observation wells

Groundwater observation wells are constructed for monitoring drinking water resources, as preservation of evidence for building foundations or for localizing specific pollution sources. Installed in different groundwater reservoirs, they provide information concerning water quality, water levels, geographical extent of specific water characteristics as well as chronological variations in water levels.

When installing a groundwater observation well during which the sensitive drinking water resources are observed or drilled through, special attention to the quality of work and the detection of groundwater aquifers and their separating layers is absolutely essential.

Through continuous courses and vocational training for personnel, celler brunnenbau gmbh has acquired the know-how as well as competency in all drilling processes to meet the requirements.

At the same time, as a certified specialist company celler brunnenbau gmbh works only with tested and approved materials according to currently applicable standards and processing directives in order to comply with these high quality requirements.