Huge safety, logistical and drilling technology related challenges characterize drilling within the scope of exploration. celler brunnenbau gmbh possesses the necessary equipment, the processes and the experience for a successful implementation - regardless of geological conditions. Holes with diameters of 220 mm up to 1,200 mm are sunk using different drilling processes with fully hydraulic drilling rigs.

With special emphasis on occupational safety, health and environmental protection, which is certified according to SCC** or OHSAS standard, we provide well-known raw-materials extracting companies with the possibility to achieve drill holes of up to 1,100 m using mobile drilling rigs.

celler brunnenbau gmbh personnel attend training courses on a regular basis, receive vocational training and are subject to regular preventative medical examinations. Both our management staff and specialized operating personnel are SHE certified according to SCC rules.

Whether in confined conditions or environmentally controversial areas in celler brunnenbau gmbh, you have a partner at your side from the planning of a drilling project through support for mining office approval to completion of the drilling.