Building ground investigation

Building ground defines the supporting ground upon which a building is to be erected. It consists of earth and rock including all other constituents such as groundwater or even contaminants.

An exact knowledge of the supporting ground is important for the planning of structures or excavations.

To this end, so-called building ground investigations are carried out. Depending on requirements samples of up to quality class 1 can be taken as undisturbed samples.

Building ground investigations are indispensable, for example for the planning ofmotorways, bridges, general girder constructions, building excavations, groundwater lowering, landfills and contaminated site investigations, groundwater development or for securing the foundations of a building.

celler brunnenbau gmbh has the know-how, a large network of prestigious partners, and the necessary equipment, whether tracked or wheeled vehicles, to sink building ground investigation drilling to a depth of up to 1000 m by various methods such as dry hole drilling, wash boring, airlift drilling or driven and wireline (core) drilling.

Thus celler brunnenbau gmbh assists clients by providing a secure basis for the planning of their projects.