We are able to offer motivated and qualified applicants a number of employment opportunities. In a modern drilling and well construction company there are always vacancies to fill in drilling operations, in the workshops and in admin.

Please address your application to:

celler brunnenbau gmbh
Bruchkampweg 25
29227 Celle

Telephone: +49 5141 8844-14
Telefax: +49 5141 8844-729
e-mail: bewerbung@celler-brunnenbau.de

We offer qualified skilled personnel in shallow drilling (up to 1000 m drilling depth) challenging and multifaceted careers as drilling technicians and rig operators. In the drilling team you implement the professional provision of our services using modern mobile drilling rigs and different drilling techniques. Through your specialized knowledge, which we keep up to date with our comprehensive vocational training programme, you will be able to live up to our high quality standards. With the appropriate skills, assignment to interesting international projects is also possible.

If you are a professionally qualified (m/f) well builder, (incl. master, factory supervisor and foreman) or deep drilling technician you can also apply “on spec.”.

New to the industry applicants (m/f) with completed vocational training in a skilled trade or technical occupation and a valid class C/CE driving licence can also enter this professional field.

Are you looking for a new challenge or a fresh start?

For our drilling operations, assembly personnel who are good with their hands and have a driving licence are always being sought.

Even if you are a new to the industry applicant (m/f) we will get you into shape for work on our drilling sites and offer further opportunities for gaining qualifications depending on aptitude.

Apply now! Telephone +49 5141 8844-14, e-mail: bewerbung@celler-brunnenbau.de

Start your professional career with us!

We provide formal training in the following trades:

  • Well builder m/f (HWK = Chamber of Trade)

  • Metalworker construction technology m/f ((HWK = Chamber of Trade)

  • Motor vehicle mechatronics technician commercial vehicles m/f (HWK = Chamber of Trade)

  • Industrial management assistant m/f (IHK = Chamber of Commerce)

Please send us your full application details, if possible per e-mail: bewerbung@celler-brunnenbau.de

You can find details of our current trainee vacancies at the celler brunnenbau employment exchange. Here you can find details of the individual trades requiring formal training.

We provide professional guidance through insights into many interesting occupational fields. Male or female students have the opportunity to complete a compulsory student internship with us..

Male or female students can apply for an internship before, during or after their course of studies.

Under certain circumstances we allow you to write your final assignment.

Send us your request by e-mail.