Well construction

Drilling for municipal and private-sector water supplies, in particular for the beverage industry, are numbered amongst the celler brunnenbau gmbh core competencies. With their special equipment our experts reach drill depths of up to 1,200 metres in all geological formations with a diameter of as much as 1,500 millimetres. Hence celler brunnenbau gmbh makes a significant contribution to the exploitation and scientific prospecting of ever scarcer drinking and process water reserves in domestic and international markets. Valuable mineral water and thermal brine are also accessed at depths of up to 1,200 metres. Meanwhile irrigation wells guarantee low-cost mains- independent water for agriculture, horticulture and anti-frost irrigation for plantations. Modern domestic water systems from a single source for detached houses, weekend homes and stabling complete the range for an independent water supply off the public mains.

Drinking water - the source of life

More than 80% of the drinking water demand in Germany is obtained from groundwater. The quality is rightly considered to be an indispensable foundation of national health. In accord with the German trade association for gas and water (DVGW), therefore the revised industrial standard DIN 2000 defines clear prerequisites for the requirements on our drinking water. Special consideration is placed therein on the observance of the drinking water ordinance with which the European directive on the quality of water for human consumption is translated into German law. The enormous groundwater demand from industry and millions of households makes the procurement of water by means of wells one of the key components of healthy regional independence.

One well is not the same as any other

The basis for efficiency and service life of a well is a correct analysis of the water-bearing formations or aquifers. Thanks to a long tradition of innovative drilling and well technologies, the analytic findings of celler brunnenbau gmbh are incorporated into the efficiency and health-wise optimized planning and preparation results. As one of the first companies in Germany we recognized the advantages of wire wrapped screens in combination with an intense development of the well by intensive desanding.

Well construction - a question of method and trust

Whether dry drilling, wash drilling, airlift drilling or down-the hole-hammer drilling processes - we provide our customers with the best solution in each case. State-of-the-art technology permits drilling diameters of up to 1,500 millimetres. With its certified know-how according to DVGW W120, celler brunnenbau gmbh ranks verifiably among the most reliable partners for well construction across the globe.