Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is the heat energy stored beneath the solid surface of the earth. The energy is continuously replenished by the sun and the earth's core and is consequently inexhaustible. This energy source is independent of the seasons of the year or the weather.

Through modern drilling methods the natural underground temperature level is capable of being harnessed. When sinking the boreholes differing rock formations and pressure conditions as well as groundwater have to be broken through. By means of double-headed drill rigs, where the outer and inner rods can be rotated and thrust independently of one another, it is possible to react quickly to changing geological formations. For profitable use, the technology used is crucial.

The geothermal probe is a closed tube system. The tubes are HDPE plastic such as those used for water or gas lines. Water circulates inside the closed system with antifreeze (ethylene glycol) as heat transfer medium to absorb the energy from the ground and deliver it to the heating system via the heat pump.

In addition, there is an option of utilizing the ground as a heat reservoir. For passive cooling the heat pump is switched off and only a circulator pump is left running. Heat is taken from the house in the summer and stored in the ground. This is reused in the winter for heating. The depth of the bore is dependent upon the heat requirement of the building and the thermal conductivity of the ground. A probe depth of up to 100 metres is often sufficient for a modern detached house.

A huge advantage of utilizing a geothermal system is provided by the energy costs. 80% of the energy comes out of the ground, is environmentally friendly and free of charge. The remaining 20% is required as power to drive the heat pump. In the process this 20% is completely converted to heat and delivered to the heating system. Losses through exhaust gases are not incurred with this system. Moreover, geothermal probes require little space. The environmentally friendly energy source is directly available on your own property.

In addition, celler brunnenbau gmbh provides you with many more advantages. Drilling and direct connection right into the building are executed by us. The system is also filled with brine. If requested, we take care of the certification of the geothermal heating system.

Only approved, certified and factory-built geothermal probes and grouting materials are used. In addition to these permanently stable and conductive materials, perfectly accurate drilling and filling work is a must.

The possibility exists to apply for state funding in the form of a grant from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), which, depending on the case involved, can be between 4,500.00 and 11,000.00 EUR (as of 2017).

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