Surveying of contaminated sites

Even today the subject of exploratory drilling for hazardous waste from WWI and WWII is still with us in Europe.

We are an approved partner in the sector of exploratory drilling for hazardous waste.

As cooperation partners, we are readily called upon to carry out this kind of work on land and in the water where major projects and special geological formations are concerned.

Here we concentrate on the use of the preliminary survey - drilling by hollow drill auger process up to a maximum of 25 m per drilling site. As a rule these drilling works involve drilling areas in a defined grid pattern.

These pilot holes are secured with plastic tubes and measured with a bore hole probe. The objective is the exploration of ferromagnetic objects deviating from the earth's magnetic field.

Our range of equipment in this sector is broadly based. Large numbers of wheeled or tracked units of various sizes are held in readiness in order to respond professionally and sensitively in the shortest possible time.

All certification, qualifications and experience required for this sector are a matter of course as far as we are concerned.